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      Like a dog your roof can be considered a best friend by keeping you safe and showing it’s love for you by standing up to the ravages of bad weather. Also, like a dog, your roof needs a lot of love and care in order to keep up its health and vigilance.
If your roof is neglected, over time it will begin to lose it’s strength. Shingles will start to deteriorate, flashing and caulking will begin to crumble and eventually fall off. Once this starts, the underside of the roofs structure will be exposed to the elements and it will start to rot. A rotting roof in the beginning may show up in the way of a small leak and if unchecked will progress into multiple leaks.
As time passes, the leaks will lead to softened rafters and plywood which will create sagging and soft spots on your roof. This will compromise the insulation of your home as well and will add to your heating and cooling bills.
Worst of all, a roof that has been completely ignored can actually cave in on itself and cause major structural damage to your home or injury to you and your loved ones.
So before you get bitten by a large and costly roofing replacement bill or worse give a professional roofer like HandyAble Roofing a call. We will take good care of your other best friend and have it standing strong for years to come.
If your roof has not been seen by a professional for more than 10 to 15 years call today.
We guarantee and stand by our work proudly.
HandyAble Roofing covers the Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties.

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